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At the RSAL, 30 September to 20 October 2016, was the exhibition “Sketch. Costume. Image.”

Date: 03.02.2017

In the Blue Hall, an exhibition was held dedicated to the history of the Soviet cinema in the sketches of Olga Kruchinina, Lidia Novi, Eleonora Maklakova, and Natalya Schneider-Khachatryan.

For many years, the RSAL has been assembling a collection of sketches by the outstanding masters of cinema, a portion of which was presented in the exhibition. The display of many years’ work selected by readers at the Arts Library made a strong impression on the history of costume in film. Olga Kruchinina, Lidia Novi, Eleonora Maklakova, and Natalya Schneider-Khachatryan worked with the most outstanding directors of the 20th century. Sergei Bondarchuk, Sergey Gerasimov, Eldar Ryazanov, Andrei Tarkovsky, etc. They became some of the founders of the Russian school of theatre, film, and television costuming.